History of KLCC

Two cars from KLCC covering both ends of production – Dave Kelsey’s 2.0 V4 GTXLR and Graham Bolt’s 280

The King’s Lynn Capri Club (KLCC) came into being in 1991 after Mick Millward from Gayton put a letter in the Capri Club International (CCI) magazine to identify other local owners, to which Martin Wells (from Marham) replied.

The first meeting was held at the Crown Inn, Gayton in July of that year with those present being:

John Germeny – White C registration 2.8i (from Kings Lynn)
Chaff Chilvers – 280 (from Hunstanton)
Martin Wells – White D registration 2.8i (from Marham)
Tim Riches – 280 (from Barton Bendish)
Mick Millward – Green X registration 2.8i (from Gayton)

Julie Wells, who ran the Norfolk branch of CCI, got in touch with KLCC a month or two later to offer support and invite us to some of her shows. Julie attended our club meetings whenever she could and carried on running the Norfolk branch of CCI for quite some time. Unfortunately Julie is no longer with us, God bless her.

The Club thrived, attracting local Capri enthusiasts with a fairly steady increase in member numbers. As with all clubs, some established members have subsequently resigned from the club, mainly as a result of selling their Capri, but we retain a small number of social members within our current membership base.

The KLCC and its members regularly attend local and national shows and galas, promoting the virtues of Capri ownership with a view to changing people’s attitude towards it; from the boy-racer image of the day to the classic icon that it is slowly becoming and deserves.

Many now perceive the Capri as a genuine classic, especially the rarer Mk1’s. They hold a level of nostalgia for so many people from varied walks of life and revive people’s memories of the past, leading to the conversation starter of ‘My dad (and or grandad) used to have one of those’….

The club has some long-standing members with several being involved from day one.

The KLCC provides a community of like-minded enthusiasts who have become good friends over the years, providing friendly banter and a wealth of technical knowledge which can be tapped into when members experience issues that arise during Capri ownership.

The club attracts a broad demographic of members who own various models from the Capri range; from trailer queens to everyday hacks, and those are just the owners! In fact, prior to his passing we had an honorary member, Jack Sears, of motor racing fame. Our current member base of around 35 individuals includes both genders, with one of our younger members, Lizzy Nicholson, jointly owning a very nice Mk1 with her brother Steve. In terms of succession planning, our former Chairman Dave Kelsey, Secretary Charley Batchelor and member Graham Bolt have managed to brainwash their son, grandson, and son respectively (all under ten years of age) into having a passion for the beloved Capri – Freddie Kelsey having joint ownership of HOO with his dad, Theo Grey owning his own 1.6 Laser which has been the subject of a recent restoration, and Alfie Bolt eyeing up his dad’s Brookie for his birthday present. Under questioning as to why he has such an interest in the Ford Capri, Theo’s response was “My grandad said I have to like Capri’s or he wouldn’t be my best friend anymore – so I love Capri’s!” You’re a bad man Charley! Three future committee members there for sure…

The clubs adopted home is the Crown Inn public house in Gayton, where we hold our monthly club meeting (second Monday of the month) as well as other social events throughout the year such as our Christmas lunch and annual Show & Shine. We also hold an annual Treasure Hunt. We do our best to support established shows across the wider area of East Anglia in as great numbers as we can muster.

Our club car list currently (January 2016) consists of no less than five Mk1’s and two Mk2’s, several 2.8i’s including two that have been Turbo Charged, a Tickford, a 3.0 Ghia and several Lasers, both 2.0 and 1.6 models. We also have a Mk3 which is fitted with an LPG converted Cosworth engine! Among the Mk1’s is a rare V4 GTXLR, a black 1.6 GT Special and two 1.6 XL’s.

We have a number of cars in various stages of restoration and this is where our club works so well, with members exchanging knowledge and often parts as individual’s progress through the interesting roller-coaster of car restoration and general maintenance.

Our club Secretary produces a monthly Newsletter containing the minutes of our meetings, a summary of pending events, reports on events attended in the preceding month, various general articles of interest and a ‘For Sale / Wanted’ section. We even participate in the national lottery as a club syndicate to hopefully assist members in the acquisition of their dream Capri!

As long as there are Ford Capri’s in existence KLCC will continue, and we are always looking to increase the numbers of like-minded individuals within the club, which from March 2016 has been extended to include other models from the Ford range under our KLCC Connect badge. We are receptive to new member applications and for further information please see our Contact Us page on the website.

A typical KLCC line-up at Weeting Steam Rally, Norfolk

Two ‘Top-of-the-Range’ models from KLCC at the Rougham Show