KLCC Connect

Whilst KLCC members have a passion for the Capri, there is significant interest in the wider Ford-produced models of the day with Cortina’s, Fiesta’s, Anglia’s, Zephyr’s and Mustang’s amongst the vehicles sharing our valuable garage space, not to mention one or two Ford powered kit cars.

With Capri values increasing, many enthusiasts are looking at other Ford’s as a route into classic car ownership and many younger fans are looking to buy the cars they grew up with including Fiesta’s, Mk3/4 Escort’s, Orion’s, Sierra’s and Granada’s to name a few. Those looking for affordable thrills may have taken the kit car approach, with many utilising easily tuned Ford engines as the basis for their project.

As a progressive club we want to promote the ownership and restoration of all classic Ford’s, and encourage owners to join our growing list of members. The creation of KLCC Connect has been designed to extend the reaches of our club to enthusiasts of the broader Ford model range.

Through their basic design and mechanical nature, pre-millennium Ford’s are an ideal choice for the ‘home mechanic’, with plenty of scope to create bespoke cars and one-off specials. We have a wealth of engineering and mechanical experience within the club, enabling us to support enthusiasts with their own projects.

As a KLCC Connect member, you will become part of an active and growing classic car club, be able to exhibit as part of the club stand at various shows and events during the show season whilst benefitting from our club insurance for public liability cover, attend monthly club meetings and receive a monthly newsletter. All for an annual subscription of £20 (charged pro-rata through the year).

Both our club and website will evolve to reflect our diversification with pages dedicated to the wider Ford model range and their owners.

Our members are located throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire so if you own a classic Ford or Ford powered kit car we would love to hear from you. Please see our ‘Contact Us’ page for details.

Please note, in order to retain the ‘classic’ nature of our club we accept any Ford model which is 25 years old or more (not applicable to Ford powered kit cars). This is a rolling age stipulation enabling us to attract additional vehicles year on year as they qualify.

Alan’s immaculate Zephyr

Better than when it left the factory

Cuddle and cruise – Zephyr style!

Pete with his Cortina and show award

Pete’s Cortina and Capri side by side and looking pretty

Ian Budd’s Mustang ‘French Connection’ which has an interesting history

Ian Budd’s other Mustang – well known on the show circuit and a tribute to the film Bullitt

Pete’s Anglia – another fine classic Ford

Charleys old Cortina with 2.8i Capri power

Typical view of Charleys Cortina good for a genuine 130mph